Explore a website’s Gutenberg blocks with Detective Wapuu

Ever glanced at a website and wondered if it was built with Gutenberg blocks?

If so, you’re in luck. Nick Hamze, a prolific block builder connoisseur, has launched a new Chrome extension aimed at helping folks detect what blocks are being used on a website. And it’s just about as ingenious as it’s name: Detective Wapuu

Installable as a free Chrome extension, Detective Wapuu cleverly scans the webpage you are currently on, highlighting any blocks added to the a page.

Gutenberg Block Patterns: The Future of Page Building in WordPress

While the block editor absolutely leveled-up the WordPress publishing experience, building beautiful web pages is still quite a challenge.

It’s like we’re handing folks the International Space Station LEGO set — without any sort of help to build it. Sure, the cleverest master builders will likely figure it out, but what about everyone else — the other 99%? Now if that set came with four or five assembled “chunks” of the ISS, completing the build would be much simpler. Maybe even simple enough for that 99%… 

Enter Gutenberg block patterns: thoughtful arrangements of blocks that deliver entire sections of a page, with just a single click.

2019 Year in Review

As we cross into this next decade, I can’t help but to look back with excitement on this last year in particular. My career took a rather unexpected — yet incredible — turn.

Most notably, I sold both CoBlocks and ThemeBeans, joined GoDaddy as a Product Manager of WordPress Experience, attended WordCamp Europe for the first time, led the release of the revolutionary Go WordPress theme, and gave a block building workshop at WordCamp US (watch Part 1 and Part 2).

2019 has been a wild ride to say to least. Wild, and incredibly enjoyable. And you know what, I couldn’t have asked for a more rewarding year.

WordCamp Europe 2019 and the Bright Future of WordPress

WordCamp Europe was as just as incredible as everyone said it would be. The city of Berlin was welcoming and beautiful, the sessions were great, and there was a lot of tasty food. But best of all, the vibrant WordPress community we all know and love was there in full-force. 

CoBlocks 1.10: Easier Maps, Form Block Spam Protection, and more

Things are going so great at GoDaddy and we’re charging ahead on both new features and upcoming blocks for CoBlocks. Our last release added three new gallery blocks from Block Gallery and a new Form block. And while this latest update does not add any WordPress blocks, it does add a whole slew of new and improved functionality across many bits of the plugin.