On Change, Growth, and Parting Ways

Let me lead by saying that working at GoDaddy has been the best job I’ve had to date. Although I am incredibly thankful for the empowerment and opportunity GoDaddy has given me, the time has come for a change.

With that said, today officially marks my first day as Head of Product at Extendify. 🚀

Looking back

Even before officially joining GoDaddy, we were jamming on ideas that would eventually come to fruition as the innovative Go WordPress theme, new Managed WordPress onboarding, beautiful WordPress template galleryadvanced CoBlocks blocks, and so much more.

Brainstorming how to make GoDaddy's Managed WordPress Platform the best flavor of WordPress available
Brainstorming how to make GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress Platform the best flavor of WordPress available

But I have to say, the absolute best part of GoDaddy is the people. I am thankful for the amazing cast of folks I’ve been surrounded by over the last couple of years. 

I’ve not felt as empowered and encouraged as I have with these fine folks, each of which will leave a lasting impact on me — both professionally and personally.

I’ve gleaned from the best of the best, departing a much better product manager — but more importantly — a much better person, than when I showed up.

So to all my comrades at GoDaddy, thank you for making work fun and inspiring. You are some of the most talented people I’ve had the pleasure to work with; I’m confident you’re going to continue taking chances and making great stuff. I’m excited to see what you launch next. 

I’m sure I’ll see you around.

Looking ahead

Extendify has been making quite a splash, notably acquiring EditorsKitEditor PlusRedux, and Meta Slider, and others — working to assemble tools that extend Gutenberg to new heights. This is right in my lane.

I look forward to diving back into the WordPress product space to tackle some of the most interesting, and certainly challenging, aspects of this emerging new era of WordPress.

Change is hard — but more often than not, change is exactly what we need to grow. And I am very excited for this particular opportunity to do just that.

You’ll hear much more about Extendify soon.

Stay tuned: @extendifyinc

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