CoBlocks 1.10: Easier Maps, Form Block Spam Protection, and more


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Things are going so great at GoDaddy and we’re charging ahead on both new features and upcoming blocks for CoBlocks. Our last release added three new gallery blocks from Block Gallery and a new Form block. And while this latest update does not add any WordPress blocks, it does add a whole slew of new and improved functionality across many bits of the plugin.

So let’s take a look at the highlight reel of CoBlocks 1.10.

An easier Map block

This update focused quite a bit on a new Map block. It’s now far easier than it’s ever been before to add a Google Map onto a page.

Instead of requiring a Google Maps API key to generate a map, you’re now presented with a simple placeholder that asks for an address or location. Once added, the placeholder will spin up a map right within in the editor.

It literally takes a couple seconds, see for yourself:

The new easy Map block in CoBlocks 1.10

And if you’re wanting a full-fledged API driven Google Map, you may add a Google Maps API key to the relative field within the block’s Settings Sidebar. Doing so will reveal the additional controls and style selectors that the Google Map API makes available.

I’m all about making things easier – and this Map block is absolutely just that.

Less spam for the Form block

Spam is the absolute worst. Our last release saw a simple Form block added to the pack. CoBlocks 1.10 builds upon that initial release, adding support for both a simple honeypot and Google reCAPTCHA to help combat spam.

Google reCAPTCHA added to the CoBlocks Form block

The setting exists within its own panel in the block’s Settings Sidebar and is super easy to get up and running.

Supporting admin color schemes

While I’m not personally a super fan of admin color schemes, I’ve recently noticed that folks who do have an active admin color scheme experience a fragmented UI when using our blocks. Some elements are blue, while some are red – or whichever color scheme is applied.

That’s definitely not ideal. So we added support for PostCSS and UI theming, just like how core does:

Styling components relative to the admin color scheme

And now, our blocks and custom components are appropriately styled – even if you’re using one of the core admin color schemes. It’s super nice.

We put a lot of effort towards making our blocks feel as WordPress-native as possible. We’re not trying to “stand out”; we’re trying to make the experience around our blocks feel as familiar as any other core block.

This new bit solidifies just that.

Other updates

Apart from the highlights above, this update addresses a number of bug fixes, adds support for Gutenberg 5.8, adds a new circular style for the Social block, and even adds gallery image reordering in our gallery blocks.

We also built a mechanism in place to migrate the CoBlocks Block Manager to use the core solution, gracefully deprecating the manager that sparked it all.

I’d also like to call out the newest contributors to CoBlocks who pushed hard on this released: eherman24, jonathanbardo, jrtashjian, sbalakr2, dmatuszak.

It’s so neat seeing folks come together to build out the leading block editor in this new era of WordPress.

All this, and we’ve only just hit our stride.