3 top WordPress podcasts for entrepreneurs

Looking for great WordPress podcasts to digest on your morning commute? Or while you’re pumping iron? The good news is that there are plenty of WordPress podcasts out there.

This is a short list of my favorite WordPress podcasts that I look forward to listening to nearly every week. They are each fun, engaging and super insightful in all sorts of ways.

The Matt Report

On the Matt Report, Matt Mederios chats with the top talent in the world of online business. This season alone, Matt has interviewed an all-star lineup of well respected – and quite successful – minds, such as Rob Walling, Rachel Baker, and the infamous Paul Jarvis.

Matt has a unique ability to bring out the best of each of his guests in his must-listen podcast. He consistently empowers entrepreneurs and freelancers with actionable advice and second-to-none business insights.

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Apply Filters

Apply Filters is an honest and down-to-earth podcast dedicated to WordPress development, brought to you by Brad Touesnard and Pippin Williamson – arguably two of the brightest WordPress developers around.

Brad and Pippin both provide listeners with a unique “behind-the-scenes” look at managing a few of the most successful WordPress plugins to date. Seasoned WordPress developers and novices alike have so much to gain simply by listening to the thought processes of these two successful entrepreneurs.

Have a suggestion that you’d like Brad and Pippin to cover? Let them know.

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Earlier this year James Laws and Jean Galea launched MasterMind.fm, a podcast all about building and running WordPress businesses.

With interviews of top folks in the WordPress industry, such as Zack Katz and Pippin Williamson, MasterMind.fm tackles tough topics all about managing a WordPress business.

James and Jean together bring a wide array entrepreneurship prowess, as they have both built highly regarded WordPress businesses from the ground up. MasterMind.fm is a solid new resource for aspiring WordPress entrepreneurs.

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  1. Matt Avatar

    Thanks, Richard! Glad the show provides some value to you 🙂

    1. Rich Tabor Avatar

      Indeed Matt! Season 4 is ?.

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