WordPress 6.3

WordPress 6.3 is packed with new features and loads of enhancements to help you publish  faster with WordPress. Here’s my take on the most interesting parts of this release.

Command Palette

Navigate and command WordPress from your keyboard with the new WordPress Command Palette. To run a command, use the command K (or control) keyboard shortcut, then type the name of the command you want to run. You can switch templates, open pages, toggle settings, change views and more — in both the post and site editors.

Patterns in the Site Editor

Create, view, and manage, patterns and template parts right in the WordPress site editor. You’ll see all your patterns (including the newly minted synced patterns), as well as patterns bundled by your theme and any plugins. You can edit, rename, delete — even duplicate patterns from this view. 

Page and template editing

You can now edit pages in the site editor, alongside templates. Switch from editing a page, to editing a template, when you want to make global changes to a site. Use the title bar up top, or the “Edit template” control in the sidebar to switch to the template editor. 

Style revisions

Explore and restore how your site looked on a specific day or time with style revisions—a recorded history of how your site has evolved over time. 

Synced Patterns

WordPress 6.3 introduces synced patterns, that is compositions of blocks that are synced together throughout your site. In the site editor you can now create these synced patterns and add them to any page on the site. When you make a change to one, the changes are applied everywhere the pattern is used. 


Add convenient footnote annotations throughout your posts. Use the block toolbar to create a footnote within a paragraph. The footnotes block is appended to the end of the page, and is instantly in sync with any number of footnotes. 

Aspect ratio

Design with visual harmony using aspect ratio on image blocks. The ratios even persist when you change an image — maintaining structural design integrity together. 

Details block

Show and hide content with the details block. Add a summary, then whatever blocks inside. Perfect for spoiler alerts, faqs, or anytime to want to expose content on selection. 

Cover tools

The cover block now features extended layout controls — for setting the width of blocks nested within the cover, improved duotone filters, and additional border width, color and radius controls.  

List view improvements

List View has a much improved drag and drop experience, where it’s easier to organize singular blocks into nested groups and move those groups around. 

Top toolbar

The top toolbar received a number of refinements. Yo u can now turn on the top toolbar with using the command palette, navigate and select parent blocks, and toggle additional tooling, like the new title bar. 

I’m quite proud of this release in particular, having worked on so many parts of it with so many people from all around. It’s a solid one in my book. What do you think? Join the conversation on X.

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