What’s on my Desk, 2017

My Day-to-Day Gear

Inspired by Matt Mullenweg’s annual “What’s in my Bag” post, I thought it’d be fun to share the gear that gets me through the day-to-day grind at my home-office workstation. Let’s get started!

MacBook Pro 2017

Earlier this year I migrated from an 2014 iMac 27″ to a 2017 15” MacBook Pro, which has been quite a pleasure. I need a change from my desktop setup, as I started traveling more this year, having attended Pressnomics and Post Status Publish so far. I also started publishing more this year and I find writing on the MacBook much less distracting than trying to focus while at my monitors.

Dual LG 5K Displays

The LG 5K displays are stunning. 29.4 million pixels stunning… that’s insane! More importantly though, they are easy to look at all day. Thankfully, I have had not experienced any issues with either one.

VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount

I personally enjoy simple, clean, and efficient workspaces. So naturally, I looked into monitor mounts, to take back some valuable desktop real-estate. I settled with the VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Mount, an inexpensive mount that can hold up to two 27” displays, 22 pounds each. That’s pretty impressive.

The VIVO is not articulating and more of a “set it up and leave it” mount, but that’s all I need. It’s perfect.

Cable Matters USB-C SD Card Reader

It’s practically impossible to list a 2016-17 MacBook Pro in a workspace gear series, without listing at least one dongle. So here it is!

One of my favorite pastimes is shooting photos with my Nikon D6, so having an accessible SD card reader is a necessity. That saying, I have attached this USB-C SD card reader via Velcro to the back of the right monitor, plugged into the monitor’s USB-C port. Right in line with the minimal aesthetic I’m going for, it’s a elegant solution and keeps the reader completely out of the way.

Bose QC35s

I have come to really appreciate the world-class noise cancellation of the Bose QC35s. Having two baby girls in the house, the QC35s have become a necessity to establishing and maintaining a high level of productivity. The one fault I’d say is that the Bluetooth connectivity is a bit underwhelming, especially compared to what Apple’s new W1 chips offer.

Fermata Headphone Charging Stand

While clearly a bit expensive for what it’s worth, the Fermata from TwelveSouth is an elegant solution to charging wireless headphones. The stand does look sharp, maintains the clean aesthetic of my workspace, and does it’s job well.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

The Aeron is not cheap by any means — but neither is back-pain. In this line of work I find myself sitting at my desk more often than not. Having an ergonomic chair designed to relieve back pressure and promote good posture is paramount.

Herman Miller Everywhere Table Top

The Everywhere Table is a simple surface area. It’s nothing too special. Just a solid desktop that’ll last you a while. Last year, I removed the stock table legs and replaced them with a nifty autonomous standing desk kit.

Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit

Sitting for long periods of time isn’t fantastic for your well-being. So having the capability to easily transition from sitting to standing is an important facet of my workspace. Instead of opting for an expensive standing desk, I’ve modified my existing tabletop with the SmartDesk DIY Kit from Autonomous.

The kit is incredibly easy to install and works great.

Grovemade Flora Planters & Pen Cup

These two walnut planters provide a natural element to my workspace and are perfect for mini-succulents. I’m not very good at keeping succulents alive… so there’s that. The simple and elegant pen cup, crafted out of solid walnut, is also from the incredible folks at Grovemade.

Grovemade iPhone Dock (not-pictured)

No workspace series would be complete without a phone dock of some sort. I actually recently moved the dock, opting to place it out-of-sight on my filing cabinet. Eliminating distractions has been a focus-objective that I’ve set for myself this year; removing my phone from the workspace environment has attributed to a much more productive space.

Maruman Executive Notebook

Maruman’s notebook is literally the best notebook I have ever used. Not only is the notebook visually appealing, built to last, and thoughtfully designed, it is perfect for mapping out ideas, mockups, or anything really. Hat tip: Matt Mullenweg.

Baron Fig Vanguard

The Vanguard is a classic in my books. The notebook’s small size is particularly great for taking quick notes at conferences, jotting down ideas and making small to-do lists. It also helps me keep good ideas surfaced by recording them and taping the pages to my idea wall.

Pilot G2 Roller Pen

As a loyal fan of Baron Fig, I recently employed the Squire, though I honestly was not impressed by the pen’s performance inconsistencies. That saying, I went back to the always-trusty Pilot G2. The G2 is inexpensive, smooth-writing and overall just a fantastic pen.

In Closing

As you can tell from my workspace and my work, I thrive within a minimal style and approach. I’m nearly always balancing a number projects and ideas, so having an efficient and clean workspace helps me to focus and produce the best work I can possibly perform.

So that’s it until next year!

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