Ulysses & Tabor

Ulysses is a fantastic writing app. In fact, the app has been my go-to writing companion for a couple years now, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. The minimally beautiful app is a pleasant writing experience that few competitors have come close to copying.

While Ulysses has a number of built-in themes and styles, I wanted to build a custom style based on Tabor, my popular WordPress theme for content marketers and writers.

A key element of my publishing workflow is exporting a draft for my editor to edit and then publish to my blog.  By styling the exported Ulysses HTML document in a similar fashion to the actual published content, my editor has a much better experience keeping each post’s formatting as I originally intended. I’m all about increasing efficiency, and the less time I have to spend structuring and organizing content, the better. And thankfully, adding a custom style to Ulysses is quite simple. First, click here to download the Tabor WordPress theme custom style for Ulysses. Then, to upload the custom style, open “Ulysses > Preferences > Styles” and click the “Add Styles” button to select the custom style file.

That’s it folks! Enjoy!

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