Explore a website’s Gutenberg blocks with Detective Wapuu

Ever glanced at a website and wondered if it was built with Gutenberg blocks?

If so, you’re in luck. Nick Hamze, a prolific block builder connoisseur, has launched a new Chrome extension aimed at helping folks detect what blocks are being used on a website. And it’s just about as ingenious as it’s name: Detective Wapuu

Installable as a free Chrome extension, Detective Wapuu cleverly scans the webpage you are currently on, highlighting any blocks added to the page.

Blocks highlighted from a demo with the Go theme

Each indicator also includes the block’s slug—snagged from each block’s wrapper class. So theoretically, Detective Wapuu should be able to accurately label any block that’s properly developed. For instance, the Masonry block within CoBlocks is rightly labeled with coblocks-gallery-masonry.

An ingenious discovery tool

Not only will folks surely discover new Gutenberg blocks with Detective Wapuu, but I’m confident uncovering the mysteries of block building will inspire us all. We’ll see just how folks from all walks of life are employing blocks in new and interesting ways.

Any tools that help folks explore the world of blocks and dive into this future of WordPress have my stamp of approval—Detective Wapuu is certainly that.

In the spirit of open source, the Detective Wapuu Chrome extension is available on GitHub. If you have any ideas on how to build upon what Nick has started, I’m sure he’d appreciate them.

So go download Detective Wapuu and start exploring. And if you find a particularly beautiful block-based website, do let me know — leave a comment, send me an email at hi[at]richtabor[dot]com, or shoot me a tweet.

I’m collecting the best block-based websites to showcase and I need some help. And Nick, thanks for your wonderfully colorful ideas, you’re a rockstar. 👏