Why WordPress

is Probably Right for yoU

I ran into this Twitter thread on “how WordPress is all wrong for your SMB site in 2023”. Well, here’s my counter. If you’re not using WordPress for your site in 2023, you’re probably doing it wrong. Here’s why WordPress is probably right for you:

WordPress is open source—supported by enthusiastic developers, designers, marketers, bloggers, and more. Licensed under the GPL, you have the freedom to run WordPress for any purpose, study the source code, change it, redistribute, and distribute copies. Everyone benefits from your contributions.

WordPress is incredibly extensible—with over 60k *free* plugins of all sorts on the Plugin Directory, along with thousands of solid commercial plugins as well. 

WordPress can be anything—if you can think it, you can build it with WordPress. Like a blog, online store, knowledge base, newsstand, marketplace, forum, portfolio, web application, site for your small business, link in bio page, subscription portal, ticketing site, and more.

WordPress is secure—the WordPress Security Team is made up of ~50 experts focusing on identifying, reviewing, and resolving potential vulnerabilities. Along with out-of-the-box automated security updates and comprehensive security plugins—like Jetpack—your site can be as protected as anywhere else.

WordPress is easy to style—start your WordPress site from a blank canvas, or choose from one of the hundreds of (block) themes. Then change colors, fonts, and page layouts to style it your way. 

WordPress is blocks—there are hundreds of WordPress blocks to choose from, that do all sorts of neat things. Think galleries, forms, newsletter opt-ins, calendars, maps, and more. And you can browse for—and instantly add— any block plugin from within the editor. 

WordPress is empowering—providing the opportunity for anyone to publish online, from personal anecdotes to world-changing movements. It’s the open source platform that powers the web. 

That’s all.

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