• How to use Amazon Polly and Turn Your Blog Posts into Speech Recordings

    AWS and WPEngine recently launched a WordPress plugin designed to bring the power of Amazon Polly to WordPress — and it’s super cool.

  • Rolling out the Merlin WP Release Candidate 1.0


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Rolling out the Merlin WP Release Candidate 1.0

    Merlin WP, the WordPress theme setup wizard that I started working on a number of months ago, has finally neared its first stable release (GitHub).

  • Download the Ulysses Custom Style for Tabor WordPress Theme

    Ulysses is a fantastic writing app. In fact, the app has been my go-to writing companion for a couple years now, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. The minimally beautiful app is a pleasant writing experience that few competitors have come close to copying.

  • Thoughts about Gutenberg from a WordPress Product Developer’s Perspective

    Ever since WordCamp US, I’ve started writing and publishing Gutenberg blocks on WordPress.org as part of my GutenKit CoBlocks project. I wanted to share, and reflect upon, a few quick-fire thoughts I had after some solid conversations about Gutenberg with other WordPress folks.

  • Add Space Between Gutenberg Blocks with the GutenKit Spacer Block

    As I mentioned last week in my 2017 Year in Review post, I’ve been learning quite a lot about how WordPress themes will interface with Gutenberg and developing Gutenberg blocks myself.

  • Adding my First WordPress Theme to the Theme Directory


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Adding my First WordPress Theme to the Theme Directory

    After months of waiting in the WordPress theme review queue, I’m stoked to finally release my first WordPress theme on the WordPress.org Theme Directory. Introducing York Lite, a lovely WordPress theme for bloggers and photographers.

  • 2017 Year in Review


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    2017 Year in Review

    Each year I like to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the last 365 days, reviewing any major wins, lessons learned, and failures too. Last year was full of adventure: new products, new friends, and a new baby. Let’s get started!

  • How to add WordPress Theme Styles to Gutenberg


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    How to add WordPress Theme Styles to Gutenberg

    In a couple months or so, Gutenberg will revolutionize WordPress publishing as we know it. It’ll finally bring a much-needed standardized content creation experience to WordPress. There’s just one small caveat. Innovation can’t happen without WordPress theme developers committing to the Gutenberg experience. If Gutenberg will become the de facto editing experience for the average WordPress user, […]

  • 5 Key Takeaways from WordCamp US 2017


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    5 Key Takeaways from WordCamp US 2017

    Following a similar format to my Pressnomics 5 takeaways post, here are a few thoughts and takeaways from my experience at WordCamp US 2017. I did try to keep this “bit-size”, but the sessions were so good this year!

  • Meet Login Designer, a Brilliant WordPress Custom Login Plugin

    Over the years of working the WordPress Customizer, I’ve learned the ins-and-outs to leveraging the Customizer to build a truly brilliant customizing experience. Using those skills, I made Login Designer, a new WordPress custom login plugin designed to level-up your WordPress login page.