Improving the Custom Logo WordPress Customizer shortcut

I’m currently in the process of migrating the older WordPress themes in my catalog to utilize the core custom logo functionality, instead of a theme-specific WordPress Customizer option.

Along the way I ran into a bit of a snag, so here’s a quick tip on how I improved the custom logo WordPress Customizer shortcut.

6 Bite-Size Takeaways from my Experience at PressNomics

PressNomics 5 was an incredible experience – one that I’ll remember for sure. I put faces to names of folks I’ve chatted with for months – even years, and made strategic (and more importantly) personal connections with the people who basically power the WordPress business economy.

Maximizing Profitability of Freemium WordPress Themes

Over the past couple of years, the freemium pricing strategy has become more and more popular among WordPress theme and plugin shops. Having a bit of experience with selling freemium WordPress themes, it only seems right that I take the time to share what I have learned so far. So here we are!