• Standardizing Theme.json Font Sizes in WordPress Block Themes

    This is part two, of three, in a series on standardizing how we build this next generation of WordPress block themes to accompany the Full Site Editing effort.

  • Standardizing Theme.json Site Spacing in WordPress Block Themes

    This is part three, of three, in a series on standardizing how we build this next generation of WordPress block themes to accompany the Full Site Editing effort.

  • Manage WordPress publishing tasks with the Todo List Block

    I’m currently full on in the process of building a full site editing Block Theme to replace my blog’s current theme, Tabor. While diving into this project I’ve explored a few areas where I can improve my personal publishing flow. The first was bringing editor comments into Gutenberg with my Markdown Comment block, and today I am releasing a […]

  • How to add and remove Gutenberg block styles with Javascript

    Extending the editor with block styles is a quick way to add, or remove, styling defaults to any Gutenberg block. Among adding block patterns and variations, block styles are a clever way to standardize creative elements of a site running on Gutenberg. I suspect that in time, block styles will become a core component of […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Block Templates


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Block Templates

    In this era of WordPress Block Themes, there are a number of familiar — yet very new — areas of theming that we need to get up to date with. One of those is the concept of block templates.  You see, themes have been able to provide templates for quite a while, but block templates […]

  • How to Build & Publish Gutenberg Block Plugins to the Block Directory

    I know I’ve said this before, but building Gutenberg blocks has honestly never been easier. Better tools, more detailed documentation, and clearer examples are finally here – paving the way for developers to quickly dive into the art of block building, and in particular, building block plugins.  So what’s the big deal about block plugins? […]

  • A Primer on Block Plugins for the WordPress Block Directory

    While I’ve long been a fan of block collections, most notably with CoBlocks, I do see immense value in block plugins for use within the WordPress Block Directory. Quickly searching for and installing a block right from within the Block Library is quite a clever and empowering experience — one that I believe will eventually […]

  • Add Markdown Comments to WordPress Posts with my new Block

    Hey, so I made a new block plugin for adding markdown comments that only display while editing a post with Gutenberg.  Last week, while editing an upcoming article all about block plugins and the WordPress block directory, I wanted to add persistent notes and reminders within my post content – but didn’t find a proper […]

  • A Primer on Full Site Editing for WordPress Theme Developers

    The next big shift for WordPress, nearly as monumental as the block editor itself, is a concept known as full site editing. Full site editing (FSE) is very much still experimental, but the concepts are clearly in view. Imagine being able to change your site’s header, footer, single, and even archive templates, with minimal effort-all […]

  • Improving Gutenberg Block Styles and Transforms, a Proposal

    There’s no doubt that Gutenberg block styles and transforms are quite interesting and fun. I like that you may change the look and feel of a block with a click or two. And on the engineering side, it’s remarkably easy to extend any block with both styles and transforms. However, what I’m not particularly fond […]