What’s new with the Tabor WordPress theme

Tabor has received quite a lot of updates over the past couple of weeks, mostly surrounding Gutenberg. In fact, over the last month I’ve pushed an update nearly every week! So here’s the latest on what’s new with Tabor.

Enhanced Gutenberg Support

My plan has always been to use Tabor as a playground of sorts for figuring out my plan of action for adding Gutenberg support across my entire WordPress theme catalog. It’s worked well so far but I had one issue I needed to iron out:  the homepage hero area.

Currently, the homepage hero area takes a bit of custom HTML, combined with a clever shortcode, to get it to display just right. That’s fine for the classic editor (albeit not a grand experience), but with Gutenberg I knew I could create a custom block that made adding that in so much easier.

So that’s exactly what I did!

In the recent release of version 1.4.4, I’ve added a new bundled Gutenberg block plugin, designed to replace the awful classic way of adding the hero area. This new block is built specifically to output the hero area as seen on my own homepage.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Adding the new Hero block to the Tabor WordPress theme

Now it’s so much easier to change the text, edit the animated text and even customize the text colors and alignment. ?

New Typography Options

A lot of folks were reaching out, concerned about using Google fonts in regards to GDPR. So as of v1.4.0, you may now opt-out of using Google fonts and deploy system fonts throughout your entire website.

I also added various typographic selections for a few popular Google fonts, so folks may change up the heading and body typography.

A screenshot of the Typography panel within Tabor

And lastly, I added support for integrating Typekit fonts from within the new Typography panel within the Customizer. Simply add your Typekit Kit ID and  font family selections, save and refresh, then select the new fonts to use in the Heading and Body font selectors within that panel.

Custom Gutenberg Accent Color

I also recently added a new Customizer setting within the Colors Panel, which lets folks select a color to use within Gutenberg’s color palettes. ?

Whatever color added there is now available for use within any instance of the core Gutenberg color palette component, as seen below.

Cool, eh? ?

I recently wrote a piece covering how to add Customizer colors to Gutenberg block color palettes, if you’re looking to add this same functionality to your WordPress themes. 


I’ve been pushing out updates all across my theme catalog, to prepare for Gutenberg. I’m still very excited about the future of WordPress in a post-Gutenberg era. I’m proud of where Tabor is at today and I’m excited where Gutenberg will take it. 

As always, if you have any feedback or requests — feel free to reach out