Test Drive my Gutenberg Blocks with the CoBlocks Live Demo

Test Drive my Gutenberg Blocks with the CoBlocks Live Demo

Over the weekend, I set up a new, highly interactive demo of one of my latest Gutenberg-inspired projects, CoBlocks. There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Gutenberg, so I wanted to shine a little light on how third party blocks can leverage the new editor and bring some really powerful editing capabilities to WordPress. 

Click here to take CoBlocks for a test drive in real time. ?

Inspired by the infamous Frontenberg project, the demo provides a first-person preview for folks to grasp how Gutenberg and CoBlocks work together. Every CoBlocks block is set up on the live demo and can be easily manipulated in just about every fashion.

Go see for yourself — it’s pretty cool!

An update on CoBlocks

While I haven’t introduced many new blocks in a couple months, I have been solidifying the current suite of blocks. Maintaining and updating third-party blocks on pace with Gutenberg has my hands full, but I’m learning quite a lot along the way.

I setup a Frontenberg-style live demo for @CoBlocks so folks can take my #Gutenberg blocks for a spin. 

 Now that Gutenberg is pretty solid, I’ll start pushing more blocks specifically for publishers and content marketers. Do you have some ideas on extending the current suite of content marketing blocks for CoBlocks? I’m all ears!

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  1. Hey Rich! Love what you’re doing.

    I’m using your plugin and it works awesome. My suggestion will be to create a email subscription box in Gutenberg. I don’t know if this is possible. Or, probably possible but it will require a lot of work – I don’t know. Still, I’m throwing it as suggestion as I think that it will be helpful for the people using the plugins.

    Thanks for the consideration!

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