New Shape Divider, Features and Icon Blocks in CoBlocks 1.9

Over the last three weeks, since the initial swing into a page building block system, we’ve pushed three major releases to CoBlocks:

  • 1.7 introduced the Map block, with size built-in map styles, zoom, controls, and marker size options.
  • 1.8 was our catch-all release, resolving hundreds of minor issues and tweaks. We also welcomed the well-received Media Card block, which folks are using to showcase video and images with a unique card overlaid.
  • 1.9 welcomed three additional blocks: Shape Dividers, Features and Icons.

A closer look at 1.9

This latest release is a culmination of WordPress blocks and tools that specifically add more page building functionality to the editor. We’re not just building more blocks, we’re building an entire toolkit to level-up Gutenberg.

CoBlocks 1.9 is available today with three new WordPress blocks
What’s new in CoBlocks 1.9

That’s just a brief animated gif of what’s new in 1.9, but let’s take a deeper look at some of the new block systems:

Shape Dividers

With the new Shape Divider block, you can add flair to different sections of a page, by adding various SVG borders to the top and bottom of a section. You can drag to resize the dividers, tweak the shape height, and even resize the dividers so that they are properly displayed on mobile devices.

Features & Icons

We wanted to build a solid way for folks to share a few a bit about what they’re doing, their services or even product information – so we built the Features and Icon blocks.

The Icon block is quite phenomenal in itself. I’m quite proud of the thoughtful experience we’ve built into the block, which lets folks easily search for icons and quickly swap them out, colorize and/or resize.

The new Features and Icon blocks in CoBlocks 1.9
The new Features and Icon blocks in CoBlocks 1.9

And like most of our components within CoBlocks, we baked “Standard” and “Advanced” views into the resizing feature of the Icon block.

This way folks can quickly do what they need to do, without diving into the pixel-level — if they don’t want, or need to.

We’ve moving fast

Jeffery and I have been moving fast on the development front, pushing 769 commits to the project – in just the last 30 days. 🤯

You see, we have a lot of ideas on how to bring a true page building experience to Gutenberg, through CoBlocks. We’re staying focused on crafting a second-to-none user experience and thinking far out on how to make designing WordPress pages – and even whole websites – much easier.

Yes, I know it’s a bit lofty — but I know we’re onto something.

Download CoBlocks 1.9 from your WordPress dashboard or the Plugin repository. And if you’d like to jump into the mix and help improve the CoBlocks experience, there’s plenty to do over on our GitHub repo. 💪

I’d love to read your thoughts on 1.9. Leave a comment, or better yet, leave a review on Thanks!