How to Build a WordPress Gutenberg Inspired Toggle Customizer Control

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If you know me, you know I’m a stickler for building beautiful and highly intuitive user experiences. I’m always looking to make my own WordPress themes simpler and easier to use.

After spending quite a bit of time within the Gutenberg editor, I thought the editor’s toggle controls would be a great addition within the context of the WordPress Customize API. So I developed a Customizer toggle control inspired by Gutenberg’s inspector region for my WordPress themes.

Download the Ulysses Custom Style for Tabor WordPress Theme

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Ulysses is a fantastic writing app. In fact, the app has been my go-to writing companion for a couple years now, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. The minimally beautiful app is a pleasant writing experience that few competitors have come close to copying.

How to add WordPress Theme Styles to Gutenberg

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In a couple months or so, Gutenberg will revolutionize WordPress publishing as we know it. It’ll finally bring a much-needed standardized content creation experience to WordPress. There’s just one small caveat.

Innovation simply can’t happen without WordPress theme developers committing to the Gutenberg experience. If Gutenberg will become the de facto editing experience for the average WordPress user, why not make it the best experience possible?

Context-Aware Previews within the WordPress Customizer

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The WordPress Theme Customization API is an incredibly powerful tool, enabling folks of all skillsets to dive in and customize their websites — if their current theme supports it.

Having worked quite a bit with extending the WordPress Customizer at ThemeBeans, I started production on a newly minted Customizer-dependant commercial plugin, coined Login Designer.

10 Practical Tips to Building Quality WordPress Themes

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A few weeks ago, I published a guide on three key principles to designing functional WordPress themes. This week’s article stays on the topic of WordPress theme design but leans towards actionable tips and techniques to building quality WordPress themes.