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  • Download the Ulysses Custom Style for Tabor WordPress Theme

    Ulysses is a fantastic writing app. In fact, the app has been my go-to writing companion for a couple years now, and I honestly couldn’t be happier with it. The minimally beautiful app is a pleasant writing experience that few competitors have come close to copying.

  • 2017 Year in Review


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    2017 Year in Review

    Each year I like to reflect on what I’ve accomplished over the last 365 days, reviewing any major wins, lessons learned, and failures too. Last year was full of adventure: new products, new friends, and a new baby. Let’s get started!

  • 5 Key Takeaways from WordCamp US 2017


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    5 Key Takeaways from WordCamp US 2017

    Following a similar format to my Pressnomics 5 takeaways post, here are a few thoughts and takeaways from my experience at WordCamp US 2017. I did try to keep this “bit-size”, but the sessions were so good this year!

  • Meet Login Designer, a Brilliant WordPress Custom Login Plugin

    Over the years of working the WordPress Customizer, I’ve learned the ins-and-outs to leveraging the Customizer to build a truly brilliant customizing experience. Using those skills, I made Login Designer, a new WordPress custom login plugin designed to level-up your WordPress login page.

  • What’s on my Desk


    Updated Apr 13, 2022
    What’s on my Desk

    Inspired by Matt Mullenweg’s annual “What’s in my Bag” post, I thought it’d be fun to share the gear that gets me through the day-to-day grind at my home-office workstation. Let’s get started!

  • I’ve officially Joined Envato as a WordPress Reviewer


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    I’ve officially Joined Envato as a WordPress Reviewer

    I’m ecstatic to announce that I am one of Envato’s newest WordPress theme reviewers over at ThemeForest!

  • Hello, world!


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Hello, world!

    I’m Rich, a ridiculously hard-working designer & WordPress developer. Over the years I’ve dabbled around with freelancing, running a small design agency, selling beautiful WordPress themes and giving away Photoshop goodies — yes, I still use Photoshop.