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  • Deploying the new Gutenberg Block Editor on my Blog


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Deploying the new Gutenberg Block Editor on my Blog

    This morning I deployed the Gutenberg block editor, the upcoming block-based editor for WordPress core, on this blog — and guess what? My website didn’t implode and disappear into the abyss! ? While the migration was not completely clean cut, the operation was pretty smooth. Here’s what went down on my journey migrating to use the […]

  • Thoughts about Gutenberg from a WordPress Product Developer’s Perspective

    Ever since WordCamp US, I’ve started writing and publishing Gutenberg blocks on as part of my GutenKit CoBlocks project. I wanted to share, and reflect upon, a few quick-fire thoughts I had after some solid conversations about Gutenberg with other WordPress folks.

  • Add Space Between Gutenberg Blocks with the GutenKit Spacer Block

    As I mentioned last week in my 2017 Year in Review post, I’ve been learning quite a lot about how WordPress themes will interface with Gutenberg and developing Gutenberg blocks myself.