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  • All my blocks are now available on Github


    Updated Jun 23, 2022
    All my blocks are now available on Github

    It’s long overdue, but I’ve recently set up a richtabor/blocks repository on Github that links to the source code for the WordPress blocks that I currently have published — including a few that are yet to be available on Every single block I’ve added, I built out of a need of my own. I wanted […]

  • How to Build & Publish Gutenberg Block Plugins to the Block Directory

    I know I’ve said this before, but building Gutenberg blocks has honestly never been easier. Better tools, more detailed documentation, and clearer examples are finally here – paving the way for developers to quickly dive into the art of block building, and in particular, building block plugins.  So what’s the big deal about block plugins? […]

  • A Primer on Block Plugins for the WordPress Block Directory

    While I’ve long been a fan of block collections, most notably with CoBlocks, I do see immense value in block plugins for use within the WordPress Block Directory. Quickly searching for and installing a block right from within the Block Library is quite a clever and empowering experience — one that I believe will eventually […]

  • Tabor and Gutenberg + WordPress 5.0


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Tabor and Gutenberg + WordPress 5.0

    I’ve prepared a mild release for Tabor, as part of the first round of WordPress 5.0 updates to my theme catalog at ThemeBeans. Tabor v1.6.0 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 . A week before WordPress 5.0 is launching to the public. ?

  • Deploying the new Gutenberg Block Editor on my Blog


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Deploying the new Gutenberg Block Editor on my Blog

    This morning I deployed the Gutenberg block editor, the upcoming block-based editor for WordPress core, on this blog — and guess what? My website didn’t implode and disappear into the abyss! ? While the migration was not completely clean cut, the operation was pretty smooth. Here’s what went down on my journey migrating to use the […]

  • How to use Amazon Polly and Turn Your Blog Posts into Speech Recordings

    AWS and WPEngine recently launched a WordPress plugin designed to bring the power of Amazon Polly to WordPress — and it’s super cool.

  • Thoughts about Gutenberg from a WordPress Product Developer’s Perspective

    Ever since WordCamp US, I’ve started writing and publishing Gutenberg blocks on as part of my GutenKit CoBlocks project. I wanted to share, and reflect upon, a few quick-fire thoughts I had after some solid conversations about Gutenberg with other WordPress folks.

  • Adding my First WordPress Theme to the Theme Directory


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Adding my First WordPress Theme to the Theme Directory

    After months of waiting in the WordPress theme review queue, I’m stoked to finally release my first WordPress theme on the Theme Directory. Introducing York Lite, a lovely WordPress theme for bloggers and photographers.

  • How to add WordPress Theme Styles to Gutenberg


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    How to add WordPress Theme Styles to Gutenberg

    In a couple months or so, Gutenberg will revolutionize WordPress publishing as we know it. It’ll finally bring a much-needed standardized content creation experience to WordPress. There’s just one small caveat. Innovation can’t happen without WordPress theme developers committing to the Gutenberg experience. If Gutenberg will become the de facto editing experience for the average WordPress user, […]

  • Meet Login Designer, a Brilliant WordPress Custom Login Plugin

    Over the years of working the WordPress Customizer, I’ve learned the ins-and-outs to leveraging the Customizer to build a truly brilliant customizing experience. Using those skills, I made Login Designer, a new WordPress custom login plugin designed to level-up your WordPress login page.