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  • How to Build a WordPress Gutenberg Inspired Toggle Customizer Control

    If you know me, you know I’m a stickler for building beautiful and highly intuitive user experiences. I’m always looking to make my own WordPress themes simpler and easier to use. After spending quite a bit of time within the Gutenberg editor, I thought the editor’s toggle controls would be a great addition within the […]

  • Context-Aware Previews within the WordPress Customizer


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Context-Aware Previews within the WordPress Customizer

    The WordPress Theme Customization API is an incredibly powerful tool, enabling folks of all skillsets to dive in and customize their websites — if their current theme supports it. Having worked quite a bit with extending the WordPress Customizer at ThemeBeans, I started production on a newly minted Customizer-dependant commercial plugin, coined Login Designer.