Hi there, I’m Rich Tabor.

A multidisciplinary maker specializing in the intersection of product, design and engineering. Making WordPress.

I had my start designing websites and running a WordPress theme shop. When the WordPress block editor was coming to fruition, I began leaning into React and building CoBlocks.

In 2019, GoDaddy acquired CoBlocks, Block Gallery, and my theme shop ThemeBeans. I joined as the Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience, relaunching the GoDaddy WordPress Themes directory, building the Go theme, and growing CoBlocks from 5k to 500k active installs.

In 2021, I joined Extendify as Head of Product, where I focused on building a platform of site design and WordPress host tools. By 2022, our plugin had become one of the fastest-growing, boasting over 70k users within its first year.

In 2023, I joined Automattic, working on WordPress directly, focusing on making publishing more intuitive and human-centric all around.

Designing and building experiences is what I do. I think big. I obsess over tiny details. I breathe curiosity.

That’s me. Now what about you?