Designer, developer and all-around product guy.

Rich Tabor · Atlanta, Georgia

Since 2011, I’ve been designing, building, and launching WordPress products like CoBlocks, ThemeBeans, Iceberg, and Alana (coming soon).

Over the past few years my focus has turned towards defining top-notch Gutenberg tooling to better empower folks to publish with WordPress.

Previously, I joined GoDaddy as the Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience, where we launched and grew the Go WordPress theme to just over 90,000 active installs and took CoBlocks from 5,000 installs to 500,000 installs.

I also led the effort towards using the Go theme as a medium to bring about 100 different site variations with just one theme, helping to make WordPress at GoDaddy a best-in-class offering.

After a few years at GoDaddy I jumped in with Extendify as Head of Product (current) — where we are building a platform of site design and creation tools to empower folks to publish beautifully online.

In all, building experiences around the block editor is what I do. WordPress themes and plugins that I’ve led on are installed on over 700,000 sites. Crazy.

I love WordPress — it’s priceless and free at the same time, equipping and inspiring folks to be successful online.

My active projects:

Wabi Theme →

WordPress block theme for storytellers

Iceberg →

Block-based markdown editor for WordPress

Alana →

100’s of powerful commands for WordPress

Coming soon.