• How to add Fluid Typography to WordPress Block Themes

    Last year I shared a piece on fluid typography, in particular on adopting a fluid type scale within WordPress block themes, using the CSS clamp() function. The method I experimented with is interesting in that it uses a type scale, then calculates the fluid type values for each font size within the theme’s theme.json file. While a bit […]

  • Introducing Wei, a minimalistic block theme with gobs of creativity

    Introducing Wei. Tell your story and share your thoughts with a minimal WordPress block theme, inspired by pure simplicity. Embracing clean type, beautifully bold color schemes, and color-matched featured images, Wei puts your words first — in a delightful and creative fashion.  Wei is a stripped down, minimalistic block theme with a single column layout. […]

  • How to add style variations to WordPress Block Themes

    What are style variations? Style variations are a new feature of block themes, recently landing in WordPress 6.0. They’re just one part of the new era of WordPress theming that we’re looking at, with the introduction of Full Site Editing.

  • A new era of WordPress themes is finally here


    Updated Jun 14, 2022
    A new era of WordPress themes is finally here

    We all knew the landscape of WordPress themes was shifting with the introduction of Gutenberg. What we didn’t know, was by how much.

  • All my blocks are now available on Github


    Updated Jun 23, 2022
    All my blocks are now available on Github

    It’s long overdue, but I’ve recently set up a richtabor/blocks repository on Github that links to the source code for the WordPress blocks that I currently have published — including a few that are yet to be available on WordPress.org. Every single block I’ve added, I built out of a need of my own. I wanted […]

  • Meet Wabi, a WordPress block theme for writers and publishers

    Share your authentic self with Wabi, a WordPress block theme designed to help you tell your story best. Wabi foregrounds the simplistic design language of storytelling through clean lines, beautiful typography and a dynamic accent color system — making it a brilliant theme for writers and publishers.

  • WP Experts has acquired my Login Designer plugin


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    WP Experts has acquired my Login Designer plugin

    I am stoked to announce that the Login Designer WordPress plugin has joined the WP Experts family. I can’t think of a better group of folks to continue driving the innovative front Login Designer pushed on.  WP Experts is a prolific agency/product shop that has a proven track record of leading many highly-rated WordPress plugins. […]

  • Building a Generative Art Gallery with P5.js


    Updated Feb 18, 2022
    Building a Generative Art Gallery with P5.js

    TLDR; I built a generative art creation flow that is fully autonomous: generating art daily from creative code, and publishing to Instagram and WordPress without any human input.

  • Building WordPress Block Themes with the New Pattern Block

    I’ve long been a huge fan of block patterns. So much that I see patterns becoming the primary method most of us lay out pages within the block editor — cue Extendify. And with the recent release of Gutenberg, and upcoming release of WordPress 5.9, patterns are getting a lot of attention. There are a number […]

  • Using a Fluid Type Scale in WordPress Block Themes with Theme.json

    I’m a big fan of the CSS clamp() function and how it allows for behavior previously only possible with media queries. The clamp() function takes three parameters: a minimum value, a preferred value, and a maximum allowed value — resulting in a value between each of those. And while clamp() may be used in a […]